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Air Tight 50KPa Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Marine Fender
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Product: Views:390Air Tight 50KPa Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Marine Fender 
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If the air tight 50kpa yokohama pneumatic rubber marine fender caters to your requirement, welcome to buy or wholesale with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you the most competitive price and the best service.

Air Tight 50KPa Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Marine Fender



1.The advantages of pneumatic rubber fender

1.1  Choose reinforce synthetic-tire-cord layers

1.2  No mold vulcanization and attach surrounding molding process

1.3  High energy absorption and low reaction force

1.4  Good adaptability to tilt in contact

1.5  Floating on the surface of the water, ship swaying can apply

2.Structure characteristics of the pneumatic rubber fender

LuHang  Pneumatic Rubber  Fenders made of an outer rubber, reinforcement synthetic-tyre-cord layer, and inner rubber, vulcanized firmly.

A]. the outer rubbers are used to protect the cord layers and inner rubber from abrasion and other external forces. This rubber compound have sufficient tensile and tear resistance strength to withstand anticipated weather conditions and severe usage.

B]. the reinforcement synthetic-tyre-cord layer strong enough to maintain the internal air pressure of the fender.

C]. the inner rubber layer seals the pressurized air inside the fender.

D]. fenders of diameter 2500mm and larger equipped with safety valve for releasing excess internal pressure when the fenders are over-compressed accidentally.

Fender assembly for the end of metal, by inside and outside the two flanges with bolts, nut clamping, center is a valve, its structure is similar to automobile tire valve.

3. The purpose of the pneumatic rubber fender

3.1ship to ship berthing

Accompanied by a large ship, the risk of two ship berthing at sea is also increased, especially when the weather changes, accompanied by wind and waves.Adopt pneumatic fender as side of the buffer, not only make heavy berthing becomes easy, and improve the efficiency of the transportation operations. Pneumatic  fender is mainly used for: Ice in the Antarctic ocean fishing ships, large oil tanker berthing.

3.2 Used for terminal dock protection

Of the ship is very large, the cause of berthing impact energy have multiplied.Inflatable rubber fender because of its high energy absorption and low reaction force features are widely used. 

4. Maintenance and safety knowledge

4.1Internal pressure adjustment

Fender pressure should be kept in the standard air pressure in the± 5% range, and once every three months to check air pressure, deflated or fill gas up to standard in a timely manner.

4.2 safety knowledge

a. Avoid touching the sharp things

b. when Long time not use, should wash to dry, filled with right amount of compressed air, placed in a cool dry ventilated place.

c. Storage place away from heat, acid and alkali, oil and grease 

5. Pneumatic rubber fender use matters needing attention

a. Pneumatic pressure control in±5% of the rated pressure

b. Test pressure normally, add pressure in a timely manner

c. Avoid contact with sharp objects

d. when Long time not need, should wash to dry, filled with right amount of compressed air, placed in a cool dry ventilated place.

e. Storage place away from heat, acid and alkali, oil and grease

f. when store, shall not be folded and piled up

Packing and Shipping:



Q: How can we choose the suitable marine airbags or ship fenders?

A: For airbags, customers need provide 3 main information: Diamerter, Effective Length, and the maximum working pressure:

Diameter: we have 0.8m, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m for choice

Length: the length should be 3 times of diameter and the maximum length is 24m.

Working pressure: it depends on the real working situations. 

For ship fneders,customers need provide following information:

Diameter and Length;

Initial pressure: we have 50KPa and 80KPa for choice

Type of fender: by fender cover, we have tyre chain cover, cord cover and net cover for choice;